Paediatric Eyecare and Binocular Vision Clinic

Although children and anyone with a binocular vision disorder can be seen by any optometrist, some cases are more complex and benefit from more specialised care.

The Children and Binocular Vision Clinic is run by optometrists with high level of expertise and experience in paediatrics, binocular vision disorders and visual processing conditions. We provide comprehensive eyecare for infants, young children, and primary school aged kids, as well as binocular vision assessments and management for adults and children alike.

When it comes to eyecare for children, our paediatric supervising optometrists are very experienced in all areas of paediatric care. We are skilled in adapting the consultations to suit children of all ages and abilities. Our child-friendly consultation rooms and clinicians will help contribute to your child having a positive experience.

Some of the specific services we provide to children include:

  • complete assessment of eye health, vision, focusing error and binocular vision (eye focusing and co-ordination) at the initial consultation
  • assessment and management of strabismus and amblyopia
  • vision therapy for binocular vision conditions
  • visual processing assessments
  • myopia management (read more about on the Myopia page)
  • post-concussion eye examinations

We recommend that all children be examined:

  • In infancy if there is any concern
  • Aged 3 or before commencing school
  • Every 2 years during school
  • Every 2 years thereafter

For further enquiries about any of our services or for information regarding any aspect of your child’s vision care, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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