Frequently Asked Questions

COVID Policy

Melbourne Eyecare Clinic is committed to ensuring the safety of our patients, students, and staff, specifically with respect to COVID-19. We are constantly monitoring the advice issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and adhere to the most current Occupational Health and Safety recommendations.

Our organisation adheres to the government mandatory staff vaccination policy. Any staff that show flu-like symptoms are being told to test for COVID-19 and to take leave until all symptoms have cleared Staff and students have access to appropriate PPE (i.e. face masks) for use according to DHHS guidelines. All visitors to our clinics are screened for flu like symptoms and recent exposures and are offered face masks while in the clinic.

How much will it cost?

Please see our fees page for more information.

Do I need a referral?
A formal referral is not required to attend the clinic. However, we welcome referral letters to facilitate communication between practitioners.
Will I get the same quality of service with student optometrists?

Yes, all our student run sessions are supervised by our highly experienced optometrists who are constantly observing, evaluating, and assessing the students, the patient’s progress and all management plans.

How long are the wait times?
Wait times can vary. Please contact us to find out how soon you can be seen.
How long are the appointments?
Our initial consultations are generally 90 minutes in duration.
Will my eyes be dilated with eye drops?
We may use dilating drops at your consultation. Please discuss this with your optometrist upon arrival. Dilating eye drops enlarge the pupils to help us better see the back of the eye. Your vision may be a bit blurry afterwards and you may be sensitive to light. Please bring sunglasses just in case.
What do I bring?
Please bring your current spectacles, contact lenses, a contact lens case, and any contact lens products that you may be using. Please bring a list of medications and allergies.
Is there parking?
Car parking is available in the University Square Car Park located in Berkeley Street from 6am to midnight Monday to Sunday.