Occupational Eye Care

CASA Aviation Eye Examinations

At Melbourne Eyecare Clinic, we provide comprehensive occupational testing for the aviation industry.

CASA Credentialed Optometrists are able to perform the required visual testing for Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 Medical Certificates.

Testing typically involves:

          • Visual acuity testing
          • Visual field testing
          • Contract and glare sensitivity testing
          • Gonioscopy
          • Binocular vision
          • Dilated fundus examination (DFE)
          • Imaging with Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) Scans
          • Colour vision testing: including referral to Melbourne Eyecare Clinic’s Occupational Colour Vision Clinic for further testing with Lantern and CAD testing if required

At the end of the examination, the Credentialed Optometrist will explain your results, then complete and submit your electronic report on the Medical Record System (MRS).
Please note that aviation eye examinations are excluded from Medicare and are billed at private rates.

Colour Vision Clinic

Did you know that not everyone sees colour in the same way? While being completely colour blind is extremely rare (only seeing in black and white), many people have altered colour perception, known as a Colour Vision Defect.

Approximately 8% of boys and 0.5% of girls have a colour vision defect and see the world differently than others. At Melbourne Eyecare Clinic, we provide detailed colour vision assessments for people with colour blindness and colour vision defects.

The Occupational Colour Vision Clinic has a comprehensive range of colour vision tests and equipment for the screening, diagnosis, and assessment of severity of colour vision defects (so called “colour blindness”) as well as the specific occupational colour vision tests required for the various occupations and professions.

The testing is for children and adults and can assess both congenital and acquired colour vision defects (deutan, protan, tritan & achromatopsia).

Higher level colour vision testing can be carried out for aviation, maritime, Defence, rail, police, fire brigades, electrician, colour matchers and many other occupations.

The comprehensive range of colour vision tests in the clinic include:

                    • Pseudoisochromatic plates:
                      Ishihara, HRR, Dvorine & City University Tritan Plates
                    • Arrangement tests:
                      (D15, Adams Test, H16, Lanthony Desaturated D15 & Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue)
                    • Anomaloscopes:
                      Neitz (deutan & protan defects) & Oculus (also does tritan defects)
                    • Tests measuring cone function:
                      CAD Test & Konan CCT-HD
                    • Occupational Lantern Tests:
                      Farnsworth Lantern, Optec 900, Holmes Wright Lantern Tyoe A, Holmes-Wright Lantern Type B, Fletcher CAM Lantern, Railway LED Lantern’
                    • Many other tests
                      Medmont C100, Mollon-Reffin Minimalist Test, HVC Color Vision Skill Test, Sahlgren Saturation Test, Berson Plates & Sloan Achromatopsia Test

In the wider Melbourne Eyecare Clinic, there is access to electroretinography if required in the evaluation of some of the rarer types of colour vision defects.

Children’s general colour vision assessment can usually be bulk billed. A referral from the child’s general practitioner is required, requesting a colour vision assessment and advice regarding future occupational options. Specific occupational colour vision testing is excluded from Medicare and is billed at private rates.

Dr John Parkes

Occupational Physician

The Occupational Colour Vision Clinic is run by Dr John Parkes, an experienced occupational physician who has conducted reviews of colour vision standards for a number of State and national agencies and is an acknowledged expert on occupational colour vision.

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